VCS + Climate, Community & Biodiversity (CCB) Standards

A project that meets requirements of VCS and CCB Standards must demonstrate benefits not only for the climate but also for local communities and habitats.

To be issued VCUs tagged with the CCB label, projects must submit all required CCB documents before requesting VCU issuance. This is essential to ensure VCUs are properly labeled. Note that the period covered by CCB verification must be greater than or equal to the VCS verification period.

VCS and the CCB Alliance have partnered to create a streamlined process for registering VCS+CCB projects under both programs and issuing VCUs tagged with the CCB label. Templates are available for preparing the VCS+CCB project description, monitoring & implementation report, validation report and verification report. These templates are designed for use with the Second Edition of the CCB Standards, but may be adapted by project proponents for use with the Third Edition.

A webinar describing the streamlined VCS+CCB process was held on 11 December 2012.  

VVBs eligible under both VCS and CCB Standards may validate or verify a VCS+CCB project. 

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