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Methodology Review Ensures Alignment with Program Updates

As part of ongoing work to ensure all program elements meet or exceed evolving best practice, VCS will review several methodologies to ensure they align with program updates released today. Next steps will be announced on 30 March 2012.

VCS may determine that one or more methodologies need clarifications or updates. In this event, project proponents will have a six-month grace period to use the existing version of the methodology, meaning projects would need to complete validation by 30 September 2012.

It is expected that updated versions of most or all methodologies will be available before grace periods expire. VCS will work directly with methodology developers to make updates using the streamlined update procedure in the VCS Methodology Approval Process. In exceptional cases, VCS may recommend revisions that require submission to the full methodology approval process.

The following methodologies will be reviewed against new VCS requirements on timing the accounting of carbon released from certain AFOLU pools. While general good practice guidance is currently not explicit on accounting for the timing of stored carbon releases, new VCS requirements will ensure greater consistency in how methodologies approach this. We anticipate these methodologies could undergo the streamlined update procedure.

The following methodologies will be reviewed against VCS requirements on peatland rewetting and conservation and standardized methods.

The review and update of methodologies is necessary to ensure all program elements meet or exceed evolving best practice. VCS will make every effort to minimize disruption during this process.

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