Open for Public Comment: VM0016 and VM0007

VCS posted two methodology revisions for public comment today. Both revisions will be open for a 30-day public comment period from 21 February until 23 March 2017. Documents associated with the revisions can be accessed using the links in the descriptions below. Comments should be submitted to VCS at Please include your name, organization, country and email address when submitting comments.

  •        VM0007 revision to include tidal wetland conservation and restoration: Restore America’s Estuaries and Silvestrum Climate Associates have revised VM0007 REDD+ Methodology Framework (REDD+MF) to include project activities that conserve and restore tidal wetlands. Tidal wetlands, including mangroves, salt marshes and seagrass meadows, provide a number of essential ecological services and can sequester and store significant amounts of carbon, making this revision a very exciting development in the space. The revision also includes a new activity method module for the demonstration of additionality for tidal wetland conservation and restoration projects, which will streamline the project development and assessment processes.

Please review the revised version of VM0007 and associated modules on the VCS website.

  •  VM0016 revision to include destruction of unused and stockpiled ODS: Tradewater, LLC has revised VM0016 Recovery and Destruction of Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS) from Products to account for the destruction of unused and stockpiled ODS. By expanding the applicability of the methodology to these previously unaddressed sources of ODS, this revision has the potential to avoid significant volumes of ODS emissions. The revision also includes a new activity method module for the demonstration of additionality. Together, this revision and new module will expand the applicable activities under the methodology and simplify the demonstration and assessment of additionality.

Please review the revised version of VM0016 and associated activity method module on the VCS website.