Program Development

One of the strengths of VCS is our programmatic approach, which allows us to set requirements across a wide range of project activities. This, in turn, enables us to adjust seamlessly to changes in science and best practices, as well as market innovations, so that we can provide the necessary tools to move the market forward.

We accomplish this by continuing to develop the VCS Program, by working in close collaboration with committees of international experts from scientific, academic, non-profit and market organizations to ensure new requirements meet international best practices. 

Major Current Initiatives

InitiativeDescriptionStatusDocuments & Presentations

Jurisdictional and Nested REDD (JNR)

JNR requirements were developed with input from committees of government, civil society and private sector leaders from 14 countries and six continents.


Final requirements released.

Non-permanence risk tool and other JNR program procedural documents realeased 8 October 2013

VT0004 JNR Leakage Tool relaesed 4 February 2014.

Leakage Requirements

A technical working group is revising the requirements for leakage accounting in AFOLU projects. The revisions will differentiate between market leakage and non-market, activity-shifting leakage. This will clarify how to address deforestation caused by migrant activities and/or displaced agricultural commodities.

Final revised requirements, together with a market leakage tool, are expected to be issued in coming months. The initiative is funded in part by the Blue Moon Fund.


Public comments under review

Major Completed Initiatives


Standardized Methods


An Expert Steering Committee is developing requirements and guidelines for using performance benchmarks, technology tests and other standardized approaches for determining baselines and additionality.



Final requirements released. Call for experts open 22 February 2012 to 30 March 2012