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SD VISta Public Consultation

VCS is pleased to invite participation in the first consultation on the Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard Project RequirementsDeveloped with the support of the diverse and experienced SD VISta Standard Development Advisory Committee, this document set out requirements for certification to SD VISta.

We seek feedback to ensure that the SD VISta Project Requirements are clear and meet the needs of users developing projects, funders and investors.

The public consultation runs from 3 January to 4 March 2018. After the consultation period, we will assess all comments and survey responses and then post a summary of how comments have been considered in preparation for the next draft of the SD VISta Project Requirements.

The SD VISta Project Requirements will be complemented by other SD VISta Program documents, principally a program guide, which are under development at this time. We expect to hold another consultation in June and launch SD VISta before the close of 2018. If you have any questions regarding the SD VISta development process, please send an email to

Please provide comments in Collaborase

Collaborase is an online system that facilitates transparency by collating all submitted comments on one interactive platform. It allows commenters to provide comments by section, save comments and return at a later date and update previously made comments. Collaborase can also be easily accessed with mobile devices. Click here to access the consultation in Collaborase.

The SD VISta Project Requirements and a comment template are provided below for those unable to access the software and/or who need to download and review offline.

Comment template

Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard Project Requirements

Introduction to the Project Requirements webinar

A webinar was held on 17 and 18 January to provide an overview of SD VISta and the Project Requirements.

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