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Registry System

The VCS registry system is a multi-registry system, comprised of a number of registry service providers and a central project database. Project developers open accounts and submit required documentation to their chosen VCS registry administrator to apply for project registration and issuance of Verified Carbon Units (VCUs). VCS registry administrators are responsible for uploading project information to the VCS project database and for issuing VCUs into their clients’ accounts. VCS registry administrators must adhere to strict conflict of interest policies and maintain sufficient financial resources to ensure ongoing market support and guarantee uninterrupted access to accounts.

The VCS Program project database provides the central repository for all information and documentation relating to VCS Program projects. The project database is also responsible for ensuring uniqueness of projects, issuing VCU serial numbers and tracking VCU retirement. The project database makes project and VCU information and documentation publicly available and can be accessed via the VCS website.

VCS Registry Adminstrators

VCS-approved registries are the entry point for project registration. The VCS registry system currently has two independent registry operators which interact directly with the central VCS Project Database to upload documents and issue, track and ultimately retire Verified Carbon Units (VCUs). VCUs can be transferred between registry accounts at any time. VCS-approved registries are eligible to add the CCB label to GHG credits.

Please contact registry operators directly to open an account.

+1 (408) 899-3342 (California, USA)

+1 (917) 441-6668 (New York, USA)


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