Our Mission

The science is clear: we must dramatically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to avoid crossing a threshold that scientists inform us could cause serious consequences to the global environment. At VCS, we work hand-in-hand with public and private sector leaders all across the globe to lead a greenhouse gas reduction program that delivers massive emission reductions across the world.  

We achieve this by:

  • Providing a trusted, robust and user-friendly program that brings quality assurance to voluntary carbon markets
  • Pioneering innovative rules and tools that open new avenues for carbon crediting to businesses, non-profits and government entities that engage in on-the-ground climate action
  • Sharing knowledge and encouraging the uptake of best practice in carbon markets so that markets develop along coherent and compatible lines even as top-down regulations take shape

Our work is far from complete, so we continue to push forward with the support of trusted government partners, business leaders and international experts to continue to provide innovative and robust solutions for addressing climate change.